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The Tale of a Tiki

Back in the mid 1980's EVERYONE was windsurfing.  The local Galveston Island windsurfing shop where many of our number first met was Ocean Magic. It was mecca for those of us learning to windsurf, and within it's doors once lived a Tiki. This Tiki was very fond of the windsurfers that frequented Ocean Magic, attended a luau or two left and elected not to return to Ocean Magic but to hang with us in search of further adventures. Luaus, the windsurfing rental hut, Mardi Gras parades, anywhere windsurfing adventure and children of the wind could be found, there too was Mai Tiki.  

MaiTiki chose to live at different times with several of us over the next 35 years.  MaiTiki has successfully survived hurricanes, fires and, so far, termites.

MaiTiki Windsurfing is named for Mai Tiki, and the adventures and friendships that came of the fantastic sport of windsurfing in the mid 1980's and the little shop in which we first met him. Mai Tiki wishes to see such numbers of windsurfers again, and has graciously granted his name and likeness to be used encourage others to get out there on the water and continue the adventure of a lifetime.

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